Manage, review, transfer manufacturing related documents

CIMCO MDM is the total document management solution for organizing and managing all of your manufacturing related documents. Securely stored in a single data location and easily available to users in your organization – on the shopfloor, in the office or remotely across multiple facilities.

MDM is scalable, fully customizable and integrates with your existing setup to enable paperless shopfloor operation. Restrict access to documents for users and machines, transfer files to/from machines, define status-driven workflows, generate reports and easily backup/restore documents with the built-in versioning system.

MDM integrates with all your existing applications such as editors, DNC and MDC systems and additionally provides seamless integration with CAD/CAM systems from leading vendors.


Save time and avoid costly mistakes

Instant access to production documents from any geographical location. MDM ensures the “right version” of a document is accessed and only by authorized users.

Software and hardware compatible

MDM enables easy access to your applications and handles file transfers to/from machines. Special integration with CAD/CAM software from leading vendors.

Compatible with your structure

MDM can be customized to work with your existing documents and directory structure in its current location. Effectively adding all the powerful functionality in MDM “on top” of your existing files.

Secure document management

Restrict who can access, modify, approve or transfer files and to which machines files can be sent. Lock files for local editing and request user-comments and other information when files are modified.

Reports and production documents

Save time with the integrated report designer and auto-generate production documents such as tool lists, setup sheets and QA documents in PDF and Word format.

Paperless shopfloor

Reduce paper clutter and the need for printing by accessing the digital production documents directly from the shopfloor or anywhere else using the MDM Web Client on a mobile device.
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