DNC Communication for CNCs, Robots, PLCs and more

For over a decade CIMCO DNC-Max has been the leading DNC solution by which all others must be compared. From its best-in-class client/server architecture to its unmatched configurability and scalability. DNC-Max meets the requirement of both small shops and corporate enterprises with thousands of machines in multiple remote facilities.


Network CNCs, PLCs & Robots

Connect all your manufacturing equipment in one network using industry standard hardware, including Ethernet and Wireless serial device servers, traditional card based hardware, and existing legacy hardware.

Works with your files

Whether you set up your first DNC system or you replace an existing, the DNC application you choose must be compatible with your data. DNC-Max eliminates the need to update all your existing NC programs.

Access programs immediately

With DNC-Max there is no waiting. All your machines can download programs at the same time.

Download programs remotely

Reduce downtime from walking programs out to the shopfloor. Initiate downloads of part programs directly from the machine’s CNC control, from any modern mobile device or using a Barcode reader.

Ease of use and administration

File transfers, port monitoring and system administration are all performed in a clean, intuitive client/server interface which is part of the system’s intelligent, solution driven design.

A scalable solution

DNC-Max scales with your company. Upgrade with integrated manufacturing file management (CIMCO NC-Base/MDM) and manufacturing data collection & machine monitoring (CIMCO MDC-Max).
DNC-Max gives you full control over program transfers from a central application and provides full compatibility with your existing machines and files. With Remote Request, transfers can be initiated from the CNC control or mobile device to limit time wasted from walking programs out to the shopfloor. Dynamic feedrate and spindle speed adjustment, auto-receive, parameter offsets, user access control, advanced logging and backup/versioning are just some of the many robust features included with DNC-Max. Unlike other DNC solutions, DNC-Max also boasts a professional look and feel. Designed to keep things simple while retaining easy access to advanced functions. Access DNC-Max from any desktop or mobile device using an intuitive interface that adapts perfectly to the device you are using.
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